Frequently Asked Questions

Emory is renovating four identity spaces in the Atlanta University Memorial Center and constructing one new space in that building to temporarily serve students of five identity groups. Meanwhile, five new spaces will be built out on the third floor of Cox Hall. All five groups are scheduled to relocate to these new permanent spaces by fall 2023.

Emory is renovating existing identity spaces and building new ones to offer welcoming and emotionally safe areas for students to go for community, resources, and programs that are meaningful to the populations they serve. Identity spaces help empower our students to engage and thrive by nurturing in them a sense of community that affirms and uplifts student voices. These spaces foster a sense of belonging that enables students to connect in authentic and intentional ways, share their ideas and personal challenges—and be understood. The project is part of the university’s racial and social justice initiatives.

The five identity groups include: Asian Pacific Islander Desi/American (AIPD/A), including domestic and international students; Center for Women at Emory; Centro Latinx; Emory Black Student Union (EBSU); and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Life.

The four existing identity spaces are being renovated to make them more welcoming and comfortable until the permanent spaces are completed. Improvements will include paint, furniture, and carpet. One additional space is being created in the AMUC for Asian Pacific Islander Desi/American (AIPD/A) students. There is currently no identity space for that group.

Renovations in the AMUC are scheduled for completion by fall 2021.

Five entirely new identity spaces will be constructed on the third floor of Cox Hall. The five identity groups will relocate to that facility where each will have their own space and share common areas. The identity spaces will occupy approximately 18,500 square feet on Cox Hall’s third floor.

The target date for completing the full Cox Hall buildout is fall 2023.

Perkins&Will is the design firm for both the AMUC renovations and the Cox Hall buildout. This firm performed the feasibility study that led to the approval to move forward on construction of the new Emory Student Center. More recently, Perkins&Will completed a renovation for the Emory Alumni Association at their location at 1762 Clifton Rd. building. 

Student engagement sessions for the Cox Hall renovation  began March 11. Since then, dozens of Emory undergraduate, graduate, and professional students have participated in the planning process. Students  will continue to provide input for this multi-million-dollar project, helping to determine common and group-specific spaces, amenities, and number and size of rooms. Additional opportunities for students to give input will be available through fall 2021. Interested students should follow Campus Life and Belonging and Social Justice (BCJ) newsletters for details.